Cold like the Old Days

Well it’s -29 this morning, brings back lots of memories from my past years of feeding the cattle in this cold weather. Couldn’t feed the 1800 pound round bales, hydraulics don’t cooperate at that temperature. That’s if the tractor even starts. Plan B, load the 3/4 ton diesel flat bed with small squares and hand feed. Not pleasant when you’re feeding 400 head.

Looks like Winter

Winter has arrived

A little early this year, its been snowing all day. I am not ready for this. Fortunately the wood rack is full and the stove has been burning since last evening. I was actually on line last night looking at condos and townhomes in Saint George, Utah. I need handicap accessible, not many fit that order. Surprising since Saint George is a popular retirement area.

It’s just a pipe dream. Be someone’s hero.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Worst thing for this and a lot of us MSers is heat. I didn’t attend the all 70’s class reunion or the parade or the car show over the weekend because of the heat. A couple of my classmates did come find me, we drank a couple beers for old time’s sake. Not that we did that in high school.

Class of ‘75

Today I got a friend to take me into town, I needed to deliver one of my shower chairs to my nephew, he’s having a heart valve replacement Wednesday and will need one. I also went to the bank and pretty much drained my savings to give a thousand dollars in cash to Charlie. They are going to need it for gas, groceries and other stuff they are going to need for home rehab. Paying forward, one of the neighbors brought cash when my house burned. Best gift ever for troubled times. Charlie’s is in his early 30’s, I told his Mom that if he ever needs a new heart he can have mine. I think mines still decent.

Hey, be someone’s hero today. I may have.

Till next time, stay cool.

Crippled Cowgirl

Out of the house

I finally was taken out in the Polaris Ranger. We went to the ghost town of Granite. The weather was finally nice.

Discovery Ski Area
Flint Creek Valley

I hope to go to the Ranch high pasture today. I’ve got the fever now.

Mono, I just knew it.

The only time I was extremely ill was when I was 14, less than a month from 15, it was in August. It started with a sore throat, my mom had me gargle salt water. Ranch doctoring. It just got worse until my throat was a solid mass of tonsils. I couldn’t swallow. I was wasting away to nothing before mom reluctantly took me to the doctor. You guessed it a serious case of Mononucleosis. Back then they called it kissing disease, did l ever get teased. I guarantee that’s not how I contracted it. After I was diagnosed with MS at 30 I always thought the Mono might have something to do with the MS. Well here it’s 34 years later and I read an article about a connection. I’m in a wheelchair now, I exercise and try and keep some muscles usable for just this break through. Maybe I’ll see some advanced meds, maybe I can get on a horse again.

Covid ; Vax #3

A touch of winter

The sisters took me to Costco for my influenza vaccination on Thursday. They decided since I was there I should get my Covid-19 booster. Normally the booster is a half dose, the tech thought with having MS a full dose was in order. I was horribly sick for three days. I seriously wanted to die. The first 2 doses made me a little sick but nothing like the latest. No more boosters, I don’t care what the “Expert” bureaucrats push on me.

My StarLink equipment was delivered today. I’m pretty excited about it. I just need someone to set it up for me. Stay tuned for the review, soon I hope. The wind was blowing here all day maybe it’s bringing winter which is late but desperately needed.

Company driving from Folsom, CA. is due in a couple hours, not from the prison either, best make sure his room is ready, he might run into sketchy roads.

I hooked up my Starlink satellite today. I’m getting lightning fast internet. Love it and it was so easy to setup. I’ll take a picture when I get it repositioned on the eaves. It’s going to save me money and frustration caused by my unbearably slow land line.

I better get ready for dinner company. I’ve got to quit eating the deviled eggs or there won’t be any at dinner. Don’t forget to be a hero. Cowpatty will catch you later.

Reading Day

Took a nap earlier, now I’m going to read. Actually re-read a book I read in the fall of 1980, The Clan of the Cave Bear. I had just moved to Wilmar, Minnesota from Shelby, Montana. Knowing absolutely no one in the land of many lakes I resorted to reading to bide the time, Cave Bear was hot off the press at the time. I don’t remember much about it, after reading about 20 pages it is starting to come back. Not only from the book, also memories from my short time in Minnesota. I must document that time in my life. Just not today.

This Weeks Read

A beautiful day here, 55 degrees. Many years the ski area opened on Thanksgiving, many were nice like today. We’d have our last horse back ride of the year, then pull their shoes.

Best scare something up for dinner. Who’s hero were you today?


Moldy cheese, stale bread and old eggs; a recipe for a miserable digestive day. Not much I can do about it. Did I mention the old eggs being under cooked.

Another boring day on the couch in store for me. We don’t have snow yet even though it’s tried a couple of times.

I was wrong, the eggs are over done. It’s always either under or over. The cook has a little timing problem too. How about starting the toaster when you put the eggs on the stove. Cold eggs on stale cold toast.

Gastric issues ramping up already, my loud stomach growling tells all. I’m about to tip over asleep. Nap o’clock. Catch you later, go be someone’s hero.

The Crippled Cowgirl

Is Winter Knocking on The Door?

Wasn’t it spring just yesterday! This is what greeted our valley this morning. I shouldn’t complain; for many years the first snow came on the first Tuesday of November, the day I had the annual meeting of our Water Users Association. I couldn’t leave for my place in California until the election of board members was completed and the price of water to the shareholders was set for the upcoming irrigation season.

With that done, I could head South way before dawn on the following morning. I was always pre loaded, only needing to put the two puppies and the laptop on board. 1107 miles or 18 hours later the dogs and I would be in Yucca Valley; very happy to be out of the vehicle. About the end of April it was time to come home to Montana. Sure miss those days. Hey, go be someone’s hero. Catch ya later. Crippled Cowgirl

Have you Forgotten

Mountain lions like goat. Apparently two California transplants to Montana woke up to 4 deceased goats a couple days ago. Including the goat that lived in the house; except at night, it slept outside where goats are supposed to sleep, and live.

Bucket of Goats

Being pretty sure they were shot, the city police were brought in. Sounds like they agreed, yes siree they were shot. Well some level headed person called the Fish & Game to come investigate, sure enough it was a mountain lion predation. Same folks had the same thing happen in 1988. Should have gone home then because the lions were here first and they aren’t leaving.

That’s the latest from Brown’s Gulch somewhere in Montana. Go be someone’s hero. Until next time. Crippled Cowgirl 👩‍🦽