Life’s Potholes

I’m living on $1,285.00 a month of SSI disability, which I manage because I don’t pay for rent or food. That keeps me out of debtors jail with my expenses for the month related to MS.

I’ve been taking Aubagio for a few years, courtesy of MS One to One. Now Humana will cover it as a tier one drug. No more freebies. That’s just great except for the $1,683.00 Copay. I best get a plan B.

That’s a nice way to end the week. I’d rather have the pothole.

Cold like the Old Days

Well it’s -29 this morning, brings back lots of memories from my past years of feeding the cattle in this cold weather. Couldn’t feed the 1800 pound round bales, hydraulics don’t cooperate at that temperature. That’s if the tractor even starts. Plan B, load the 3/4 ton diesel flat bed with small squares and hand feed. Not pleasant when you’re feeding 400 head.

Looks like Winter

Winter has arrived

A little early this year, its been snowing all day. I am not ready for this. Fortunately the wood rack is full and the stove has been burning since last evening. I was actually on line last night looking at condos and townhomes in Saint George, Utah. I need handicap accessible, not many fit that order. Surprising since Saint George is a popular retirement area.

It’s just a pipe dream. Be someone’s hero.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Worst thing for this and a lot of us MSers is heat. I didn’t attend the all 70’s class reunion or the parade or the car show over the weekend because of the heat. A couple of my classmates did come find me, we drank a couple beers for old time’s sake. Not that we did that in high school.

Class of ‘75

Today I got a friend to take me into town, I needed to deliver one of my shower chairs to my nephew, he’s having a heart valve replacement Wednesday and will need one. I also went to the bank and pretty much drained my savings to give a thousand dollars in cash to Charlie. They are going to need it for gas, groceries and other stuff they are going to need for home rehab. Paying forward, one of the neighbors brought cash when my house burned. Best gift ever for troubled times. Charlie’s is in his early 30’s, I told his Mom that if he ever needs a new heart he can have mine. I think mines still decent.

Hey, be someone’s hero today. I may have.

Till next time, stay cool.

Crippled Cowgirl

Out of the house

I finally was taken out in the Polaris Ranger. We went to the ghost town of Granite. The weather was finally nice.

Discovery Ski Area
Flint Creek Valley

I hope to go to the Ranch high pasture today. I’ve got the fever now.