Afternoon at the Ranch

img_0809Friday after noon was quite nice and I felt the need to get away from the house.  I wanted to go to the ranch and see how the hay was progressing, check on the new lessors cattle and assess the gopher population.  I really wanted to get some fresh air.

My first concern as I backed my 4 wheeler out of the garage was, are the gates open along my proposed route. The swing gates are challenge enough; wire forget it. I took off in spite of my gate concerns, if they proved to much of a barrier I’d just turn around.

There was water on in the front meadows, the barrow pits were full and I scared up a couple ducks.  No ducklings yet; it’s a little early.  Progressing through the shop and toward the creek thankfully all gates were open.   I forded the Kelly ditch and made my way up to the McDonald Bench.  The newest seeding, if 6 or 7 years is considered new, is coming along nicely.  The ditches have been cleaned and ready for water.  The East Fork Canal was turned on a couple days ago and upon checking the water hadn’t quite made it to the ranch yet.

Triangle Ranch 2018

June 2018 at the edge of the McDonald Bench.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon at the Ranch

  1. Hi, I like this view of another ranch in Montana. I currently live on the northern edge of my Dad’s ranch, above the ranch canal–naturally–where my house won’t take up hay ground that can be watered by the ditch. My youngest brother is running the place now.

    I also like your cabin. Nice view. I tell people I have a great view from my deck. I can see Idaho 70 miles away up the Madison.

    I came to because an individual with the handle cowpattymt “liked” one of’s posts on I tried to click through to cowpatty’s wordpress blog ( but apparently it was taken down. So I went to google and found a cowpattymt who happens to live in Phillipsburg, MT, which sort of jived with that has been removed. So here I am looking at your blog and saying hi.

    I am happy to see you do your best against your MS. Load up the four-wheeler and light out, gates be damned. My kind of human being.

    I was particularly interested to find another Montana blogger who grew up on a ranch.


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