Handicap Parking Fail

I received a call from the urologist, knowing that I have an appointment coming up next week I asked when I needed to have a urine sample to them. Today was the answer. Arg!

I can get it done locally, great. Okay I’ll need to take a shower. Not so easy but got er done, even got clothes on. Pretty much the basics to cover the subject; after all I was just running to town for a quick pee in the cup.

So I get to the car, get my walking device in the trunk and I’m on my way. The time is 1:00 p.m.

I never really paid much attention to the placement of the one and only handicap parking spot at the local medical facility.


Very not handy handicap parking space.

On my previous visit I went in the front door, not good because of the steps and a huge step from the parking onto the sidewalk. It’s probably only a large step for a normal person, huge step when MS is involved.


Front Entrance

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