The Court House

I want to go to the courthouse in town, I’ve been sitting here for an hour working up a strategy to embark on this journey. Just getting to the car is struggle number one.

There is a couple miles of driving, not the greatest of parking. If I make it that far getting out of the car into the building is struggle number two. Do I take my walking aid?

wp-153548702187155337212.jpgIf I do, getting it out of the trunk and unfolding it isn’t easy for me. I have stairs as soon as I enter the building, I will not be able to get Rose up them. And after I pull myself up the stairs i’m sort of stuck.

Heavy sigh I think a phone call is in order, I’ve pretty much talked myself out of even attempting it. Have almost worked myself to tears feeling so helpless.

Okay where’s the phone.


One thought on “The Court House

  1. I can well imagine how frustrating it must be. My mother came to visit one year, and broke her ankle in two places. She was around 80 at the time, so it took some time for it to heal after surgery — she didn’t go home until nearly June. We both had to develop some patience — even though she had the advantage of knowing healing would come.


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