Sunday at the Cabin

It’s cold up here today, every once in a while the sun pops out, just never long enough to thaw out. I could put a fire in the wood stove, it’s just by the time the cabin starts warming up we leave. Why waste the wood.

I must say that it’s sure nice having the Solar power installed, flip a switch, light, plug in the vacuum so long thousands of fly carcasses. We have water, the source is shared with the cattle, elk and whatever other critters pass through. Resulting in muddy water. I pack in drinking water, can’t live without coffee. Preferably not mixed with dirt. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from a prissy, lord knows I’ve ingested my share of dirt. I might be close to my life time allocation, I best limit my dirt intake at my age.

Hallelujah a fire, I won’t want to leave now.

No cell no computer and no television I might never leave.

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