My Travels, Now

I’ve climbed a volcano on the North Island of New Zealand, watched glaciers dropping huge chunks of ice on the South Island. I’ve bicycled in the Neatherlands, toured collective farms in Kazakhstan. Rode horseback into and out of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, hiked and or rode ponies through the Pintlar Wilderness; many times. I’ve even climbed to the top of Warren Peak which I look at every day. Spent a month in Alaska.

I’ll never regret any of these adventures. What I do regret, is though I did do all of this after being diagnosed with MS, April 1, 1988; unfortunately it wasn’t an April fool’s day joke, now 31 years later I have a walker as my constant traveling companion. I regret not doing more. But then who ever knows when this disease will strick you down.

My point is that I have to travel through the writing and photos of others from now on. I work cattle this way now too.

I sometimes feel like people might think I’m stalking them because I “like” so many blogs. I just wish that people can understand that reading is my only outlet for now. And will be until a cure is found, or a miracle drug is developed that will restore my mobility.

Until next time I’ll just keep on traveling through the travel blogs.

2 thoughts on “My Travels, Now

  1. wow………you have done so very much and I a tad bit jealous, the many stories you can tell. I am so sorry that you are unable to continue to do so……..sending many blessings of peace your way.

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  2. Wanderlust can be a bit of an affliction, too. My own reasons for not being able to travel as I’d like are quite different, but I feel the constraints enough to be able to understand something of your experience. One thing that lies in my past now is sailing — simple age can bring the sort of limitations that make the kind of offshore sailing I used to do not as feasible, and not as much fun.

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