Alone at the Cemetery

The handout at the funeral, in Butte, stated internment at 3 p.m. Friday in Philipsburg, according to my attendee sister. I didn’t make it to the actual service, I live in Philipsburg and decided the grave side committal was doable for this MSer.

Friday afternoon I got cleaned up, dressed like I was going snowmobiling, climbed on the 4 wheeler and headed through town to the cemetery. I can’t walk and figured if I rode the Grizzly I could get close enough to hear the service. Yes I admit I’m a hick, who the hell rides a 4 wheeler to a burial in the middle of January in Montana. Pick me.

I was all alone other than the 5 or 6 mule deer. It was peaceful with a beautiful view of our ranch.

Apparently the burial was postponed, the grave was dug on the wrong plot. Only in Philipsburg.

2 thoughts on “Alone at the Cemetery

  1. It is a beautiful view, although I’m sorry you missed the graveside service. Obviously, some miscommunication somehow. Still, you did have the deer. That’s not bad.


  2. No one can understand the huge effort it took for you to do that to respect someone. But even though you were alone they were not you were there even if the person you went to respect wasn’t. I love the footprints in the snow. xx


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