Is Spring Really Here

1957 Dodge

Spring officially arrived a little over an hour ago. Hopefully all the snow leaves in an orderly fashion this year. I’m just ready for it to leave.

I actually left the house today and drove to town, it’s been a while, still remember how. I took a picture of this old timer, I imagine he’s seen a winter or two like I have. After all we are the same age.

3 thoughts on “Is Spring Really Here

  1. Spring has arrived here — I was going to say “with a vengeance,” but that’s not quite right. “Enthusiastically” would be better. The first wildflowers have come and gone, and the trees are leafing out. The only snow I could see yesterday was at a newly opened sno-cone stand. I hope you have flowers and baby leaves and singing birds sooner rather than later!


  2. Will see leafs and flowers as soon as this three feet of snow is gone. June perhaps 🤓

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  3. I hope your snow melts soon and slowly. Like the picture of the truck!

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