The Bumbles and The Honeys

I’m hanging around at a Shop Raising, in my wheelchair, staying out of the way as much as possible. My feet are starting to ache and I need to get out of this chair and put in a little standing time. I spy a four wheeler with the perfect handles to hang on to while I stand and move my legs. Score.

It’s five o’clock and a nice gentlemen brought a cold coors light in a coozie.

Okay getting back on track, as I was hanging off the back end of the four wheeler next to a row of Cotoni Aster bushes I couldn’t help but notice they were swarming with Bumblebees and Honey Bees. They were very busy and paid no attention to me. But darn it they wouldn’t slow down and hover long enough to have their picture taken.

12 thoughts on “The Bumbles and The Honeys

  1. Is a shop raising like the barn raisings we used to have in Iowa? Sure looks like it. There always were people who came just to watch those, too. It was great entertainment for the old, retired guys who used to build, and for all the old women who liked to reminisce about all the fun things that happened “when barns were real barns.

    My mother wasn’t much given to nostalgia, but she would wax nostalgic when she was talking about the hay mows.

    Good that someone brought you that Coors. That’s always was part of the deal, too, although 1950s Iowa was more given to Hamm’s or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hamm’s did have have that log-rolling bear, though.


  2. Shop raising? Is that like a barn raising? Done in a day? I like your idea of the four wheeler…and the beer too of course goes without saying. There are other “car like” four wheelers that might be easier for you to get in and out of, instead of “climbing on”.
    Mobility is good…keep it under 40!
    Do bumblebees make honey?
    Keep posting!

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    1. I usually ride my Yamaha Grizzly to events, funerals, weddings and parties if they are close. Bungee cord my walker on. My sister’s are buying an electric chair for me, I said if it doesn’t go 35 and thru gravel roads probably not for me. 😁

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    2. I don’t know if Bumblebees make honey, not much like an old fashioned barn raising with premade pannels and air nailers. Going to Google and see if Bumblebees make honey. Good question


  3. There used to be a little garden segment on the noon news, and the older, gray-haired woman once said that her entire life she has pronounced it cotton easter and had just learned that it was pronounced co tone e aster. Your post reminded me of that and made me smile, so thanks.

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    1. I’m sure l spelled it wrong, your comment was cute and made me smile also. It made me think of my grandma 👵


  4. Coors. How can anyone even drink light beer? Ewww. But anyway, Grew up in Colorado, where Coors was our beer. Moved to New England. No Coors. Many years ago my husband read that a liquor store somewhere north of Boston had gotten their hands on a carload of Coors. In the car, drive up around Boston and buy a few cases for ourselves. Seriously, there are a lot of better beers out there. I drink Guinness Draft, myself. But it was home. A reminder of where we came from when we were still new enough here for it to matter. You brought back some memories. Thanks.

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