The Birthday Present

Surprise Bday present delivery

Oh my I have a new puppy and all the joy that will ensue. Crate training, potty training, rescue everything that goes into the mouth and general mayhem. Who’s brilliant idea was this anyway? Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and have had great ones, all before life in a wheelchair I might add.

Photo bomber

I’ve named her Kit, I’m pretty sure she’s thinking her name is G.D. Dog, we will get that worked out eventually. Her favorite foods are tiny yard frogs, night crawlers, grasshoppers and what ever flowers are blooming in the pots around the porch. I think she’s a keeper after we get a few bugs worked out. Which brings up today’s project of going to the Veterinarians and picking up some wormer. Oh and ordering a larger kennel, damn these puppies grow fast.

Mud dog on frog patrol

And I thought I had my first real cow dog. Until next time be someone’s hero.

5 thoughts on “The Birthday Present

  1. Oh, my gosh. She’s beautiful! More than beautiful. Look at those blue eyes! What breed is she? I’ve never seen a pup that looks like this. I think I’m in love. Give her a scritch behind the ears for me.

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  2. Australian Sheperds are extremely smart…got sheep? they have a seemingly endless supply of energy. My neighbors had one…very good watchdogs and great with kids too.


  3. What a cute puppy. Lots of work ahead. My kitty is at least litter-box trained, but that does not mean she is exhausting. Lucky me am going through a relatively good phase, so can sort of keep up with her. Hope you have many, many happy days with your pup.


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