24 Hours Later

Winter has arrived

Really it’s October 9th. My niece was born on this day 31 years ago, on a beautiful, warm, fall day I might add.

The Stats

I’m sure my ramp is icy, I don’t think I wanna venture out today. Venturing out consists of wheel chairing down the ramp, spending a little time on the sidewalk and concrete garage pad then back to the couch. I can’t maneuver the gravel roads in my wheelchair. Maybe I’ll do another blog this afternoon. Until later, stay warm.

3 thoughts on “24 Hours Later

  1. Early winter. Not ready for that. We are having an ocean storm, so lots of rain this week. I can deal with rain. I sometimes find it quite hard to cope with the isolation brought on by chronic illness, and winter is the worst for that. Gray day after gray day, can’t get out even if I have enough energy. Fortunately, I love to read, so that keeps my mind off what I can’t be doing right now. How do you cope?

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  2. It’s 86F right now, and tomorrow night’s low is projected to be 56F. A thirty degree drop qualifies as a front — but at least we’ll only have wind and not ice and snow. Obviously, you know to be careful. I still remember a trip down a full set of icy stairs, on my rear end. Sometimes, that extra padding comes in useful.


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