There’s no way I’m going outside into my very limited world today. Just look at my ramp. I doubt my chair brakes would stop the slide down, zero traction tires will make returning impossible. I am picturing myself freezing to death 10 feet from the door because I did something really dumb. Not today. I’ll just stick to the couch.

Snowy Icy Ramp

I like to punish myself and checked on my six month old disability claims’ progress. Nothing happening of course. I get so frustrated, depressed, mad, pick your word, when I see the people who are gaming the system around the area. Just heard of another one. You would think a person with advancing MS in a wheelchair would be a no brainier. Rant over, I need to stoke the fire. Amazing what I manage from Winny the wheel chair.

Wood rack & Stove

Okay I’ll get back to the couch and leave everyone alone. Don’t forget to be someone’s hero and I’ll catch ya later.

4 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Hey Cowgirl! Thanks for not going down that icy ramp today. Stay warm in the house. We are getting snow tonight and have loaded up the wood box and the stove too. I guess winter is coming for us, ready or not. I hope you get some resolution on your claims soon. Don’t give up.


  2. Yeah, it looks treacherous. Maybe some ice melt granules after it warms up a little, and you absolutely have to get to the garage. Your wood burning stove looks very similar to mine…lots of heat there. Do be careful.


  3. Even I would stay inside, I think. A nice wood stove and a book is pretty darned cozy. I’ll get my chance tomorrow and Saturday. Not only are we getting a front tomorrow morning, I’m having a wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow, so it’ll be a perfect time to just hunker down and let things ride for a while.


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