Bozeman or Bust

Looks like I’m riding along to Bozeman today, it will be Kits longest car ride so far. This will be good practice as she’s going to Moab, Utah with us next week.

Kit let go of breakfast in the back seat, quick emergency stop at Milligan Canyon Road. I found a poo glove in the console and a napkin for clean up. I’ll give a leather seat endorsement any time.

It’s raining leaves

There’s getting to be little distinction between Manhattan and Bozeman any more, it actually started West of Three Forks. Crazy

Today I’m going to Helena with little sister, shopping for the Moab trip that didn’t happen in Bozeman yesterday. Did I say I prefer WINCO to COSTCO, who needs two gallons of Mrs Butterworths.

I’m outta coffee and puppy needs tended to I’ll catch ya later. Be someone’s hero today.