Winter has arrived

The Beginning 2019

I’m not ready for this, I pretty much have five or six months of stuck in the house to look forward to. Not that I’m not stuck in the house most of the time already. I’ll survive as long as the wood rack is loaded.

Puppy Kit isn’t sure what to think of the white stuff in the yard, she’s been playing the “Let the dog in let the dog out” game all morning. At three o’clock this morning she brought all of her toys inside from the yard. Dogs seem to know when something is up, even a snow storm.

At least I have a job today even if it’s sitting close enough to the door letting Kit in and out.

Stay warm and I’ll catch you later.

4 thoughts on “Winter has arrived

  1. Of course we’re wussies here, but when I got up this morning and found it had dropped to 53F with a “windchill” of 47F, I did briefly reconsider all my longing for cool weather. Now, the sun’s out, and that always helps. It certainly made for a beautiful photo up above.

    I did laugh at the pup bringing in her toys. Animals are not stupid!

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  2. Noooo, I am not ready for snow. Thankfully, there is none in sight where I live. I’ve had the window open all night because it’s just that warm. In the low 50’s. Days are getting so short so fast, though. That’s the worst part of winter for me. I like light. I’m pretty much house-bound most of the time, so winter doesn’t really change that too much for me, but I get how hard it can be. It took me a long time to adjust to not being outside every day. Hope it all goes well for you. How cute is the dog bringing in the toys? LOLOL

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