One Born Every Minute

Did I just pay $14.00 a pound for 5 pounds of coffee. If it’s as high quality as the $15.00 box of brownie mix, my sisters boyfriend was extorted into buying, that only made one batch, then I’m embarrassed to admit I have earned the title “SUCKER OF THE DAY”

I’m not to happy at myself right now. I think I’ll have a beer, contemplate my stupidity and think of all the better things I could have spent $70.00 on. Stay tuned I’ll be posting updates, beware of 5 and 6 year olds being dispatched to sell junk.

6 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute

  1. I have a friend who called me a couple of months ago, nearly apoplectic. She’d been nagged to death by a grandson to buy some of the popcorn one of his organizations was selling. It was some outrageous price, and when she decided to have some, it wouldn’t pop. Not a single bag. So you’re not alone. At least now that I’m not in an office any more I don’t have to fend off the people trying to move their kids’ Girl Scout cookies or baseball team candy bars.


  2. So the whole popcorn thing I have fallen for as well but the really sad thing is I pay about the same for my beans at Costco each time. I have tried others but end up back there to support my coffee habit


  3. Buying coffee, popcorn, and candy from kids is a donation to their cause; whatever it may be. I have been fortunate in popcorn purchases from the Boy Scouts, and who could argue against Girl Scout cookies? Enjoy your coffee; it’s probably nothing special.
    Yeah, I used to be deluged at the office by moms bringing in forms to buy stuff. Now that we’re out in the boonies, we don’t have those knocks on the door any more.
    I used to do same when I was in the band…candy bars and fruit cakes was what we sold. If we didn’t sell X amount, we had to pay our own way for certain out of town trips. I hated selling door to door.


  4. Ohhh the joy of helping kids sell their fund raising wares. If only the companies providing these items put as much effort into creating a good product for them to sell. Happy Sunday Patty. Allan

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