The Huge Cooler

Darn it I can’t seem to find a picture of the casket size cooler that has served as the printer stand for two plus years. Who thought that was a good gift anyway. Today significant other whipped up a proper stand out of wood that has been taking up space in the basement for; you guessed it two plus years.
I had to vacuum the office, it’s amazing how much dust, fly carcasses and Aussie hair can find its way behind a casket sized cooler in you guessed it two plus years.
New stand in its “cleannew space
I over did walking and stair climbing yesterday, I can barely get off the couch today. I also had an awful nightmare last night and apparently didn’t sleep well. Not sure that had any thing to do with my lackluster condition today. My doctor appointment next week was canceled today. It’s apparently not as urgent as my doctor had let on a month ago. Now I’m rambling, go be someone’s hero. Whip and ride cow people.
My Alinker Walking Bike

One thought on “The Huge Cooler

  1. I was my aunt’s hero today. She lives in Kansas City, and is 93. She’s been wanting some Twix candy bars, and her kids couldn’t find any. So, tonight I went to Walgreens, found them, and bought two packages. I’ll mail them to her tomorrow. Chocolate always makes things better!

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