Learning to Walk

Who knew I would be learning to walk, again, at 62. That’s exactly what I was doing yesterday. I just couldn’t spend another minute on the couch. The weather was decent, little wind and my Alinker begging for me to get her off the porch and on the road.

My Alinker

I’ve been practicing on the sidewalk a little, getting on and off is challenging, I’m alone so when I do get on setting the seat to the right height is a little frustrating.

I’m ready

Here we go

Don’t knock me over Kit

I made it down to the barn where wood splitting was in progress, yes still burning wood after all it’s only April and I live in Montana. Kit jumped up on me to say hi, good to see you outside with out tipping me over.


The Homestretch

I made it although the gravel on the road after I passed the wood pile was difficult to navigate. It felt really good to get out, learning a little about the bike and my limitations, or learning a lot. No where to go but up.

Time to be someone’s hero everyone. Call a friend.

6 thoughts on “Learning to Walk

  1. Goodness! What a beautiful day, with beautiful scenery, and a beautiful smile to go with it all. That Alinker is such a neat gizmo — good for you for getting out and about with it (despite the gravel).


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