Monday? Don’t know the date

Starting the week out on a not so high note. Couldn’t get the fire started and the coffee; well it sucks, for lack of a better word. Quarter inch of rain last night, the perfect way to segway into summer. Just keep it up Ma Nature.

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, SO went to the ranch to lend a hand for branding and I thought mowing the lawn was something I could/should do. I didn’t kill myself getting on the mower, I about killed the mower instead. The smell of a burning belt definitely signals something ain’t right. I immediately quit the lawn mowing; there is no way I can raise the mower deck. I did drive the mower to the barn to retrieve my 4 wheeler and got myself to the ranch to say howdy to the branding crew. After a brief visit I went back home putting the 4 wheeler away, I got back onto the mower, put it away and then back into my wheelchair.

My unfinished mow job.

Okay now it’s 4:17, having accomplished nothing today is…well just another day in my life. Actually I spent a ridiculous amount of time on hold with Medicare and the Social Security Administration. Today I was determined and stuck it out until someone actually answered. I’m going to write a book someday about my 5 plus years of frustration dealing with bureaucrats.

Enough, I’m gonna find a Corona add a slice of lime and channel surf to find something non political to watch until dinner. I hope you were someone’s hero today. Until later

3 thoughts on “Monday? Don’t know the date

  1. I must say, that’s a fairly artistic design you managed to carve out of the grass. It sure enough is a sign of something when that burning smell shows up. The last time that happened to me, it was my CRT computer monitor commiting suicide. The smell of burning plastic’s the worst. Hope you day improved! (and smart to stay away from the political stuff).


  2. Ah. Bureaucracy is definitely a pain. A little funny on this end. Got my appointment to get my AZ driver’s license (after two days of dealing with a busy signal) and drove 35 miles to get there. I fill out the paper work, take the eye test, get my photo taken. THEN the clerk checks all my documents and takes my money. She prints out my temporary paper DL and hands it to me. I do an astonished double take thinking she must have started pulling it out of the printer before it was finished. My eyes are bugged out (post blink) my grimace is supposed to be a smile and my head is slightly down making my face extremely round and it looks like I have no neck. And of course she can’t redo it as it has already been sent in. DL photos are not known to flatter and I am not a vain person, but that one would win a prize.


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