May 30, 31 2020

Impressive, not only do I know the date it’s Saturday. I know this only because I tried to call the courthouse. The janitor answered because a contractor was there sanding the floors.

Couch most of the day. It was pretty warm, 80 warm, I went outside a few times and sat on the deck or played with Kit.

Miss Kit

Did not publish yesterday therefore I will tack on today’s update. Can’t believe May 2020 is in the books. I just did busy work today, other than a load of laundry I guess I didn’t do much. Took a shower this morning and read on my latest book. Oh yeah I wasted a couple hours playing Wordscapes, on the couch of course. Sunny day but the wind was brutal, like 20 to 35 mph. I better quit telling people the wind doesn’t blow here. I didn’t take an Alinker stroll either. I’m blaming that on the wind that never blows here. Okay it’s Corona o’clock I’ll attempt to cut a lime and hopefully not a finger. Wish me luck, be someone’s hero and until next time. Whip and Ride


2 thoughts on “May 30, 31 2020

  1. Well we got your wind last night. lol Peeled the roof off a mower sales place like a tin can that got opened up. Beautiful dog!! Still on a mission to convince the hubs for another one for us. Any good vibes sent appreciated 😉

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