7 June Friday

Viewing Deck

A big road resurfacing project is in full swing on the highway about a third mile west. I have a wonderful vintage point here on the deck. I’m amazed at the number of big motor coaches pulling full size SUV‘s behind them on the road. Apparently the folks driving them have no patience to wait for the pilot car. I’ve watched 3 of them trying to do a u-turn on the two lane. Getting into a bind, getting out and unhooking the SUV in tow, while totally blocking the road. Tourons. You’re right rhymes with moron. Hey didn’t see any masks either.

Okay Friday has turned into Saturday. It rained close to a quarter inch this morning, we can always use that. The pine and fir trees smell great. This evening we’re going to the third birthday dinner for my just turned 80 house mate. Even birthday cake gets old, oh wait it’s cupcakes tonight, my stomach churns at the thought. Only to be topped off with the three, maybe four great grands and no less than eight dogs. Perhaps I should start drinking now. I’ll try to capture a photo of the mayhem so everyone can share my pain.

Can’t believe I let a five year old near me with nail polish

I’m going to bed a week of company and birthday parties have done me in. It’s pretty weird having a nail the same color as my tooth paste. It’s not to late to be someone’s hero. Until next time; The Cowpatty is over and out.

4 thoughts on “7 June Friday

  1. Nail polish the color of your toothpaste just cracked me up. I truly did laugh out loud at that one. A cupcake actually sounds pretty good, but you’re right that sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Happy evening, and happy RV watching! (That’s a little like going down to the boat ramp on weekends to watch the newbies try to manuever their boat back up on its trailer without disaster setting in.)

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    1. She’s practicing on anybody she can get to sit down. She wanted to do my toes, nope to hard to get the compression socks off.

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