I survived Missoula

I’ve been no where since March 5th and that was for a doctor appointment also in Missoula. Not much has changed, I did have to go through the screening “routine” and the biggest obstacle course possible to get labs done and ultimately to my appointment. Mask? Hell no I didn’t have a mask; they supplied me with one. If wearing one of those doesn’t make you sick nothing will. Suffocating.

Me n my Mask

I thought I had combed my hair. Maybe that was yesterday.

6 thoughts on “I survived Missoula

  1. I’m all in favor of masks as a precaution in medical settings, or as an extra layer of protection for those caring for ill people of various sorts. But masks as a talisman to ward off the dreaded nasties? If they make someone feel safer, that’s cool. But especially in the rising heat and humidity of summer, they can cause as many problems as they solve. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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  2. You and me both, Patty. I wore my outlaw mask in the grocery store for about 20 minutes before I became short of breath and dizzy…no more. Some places I guess, one has to ‘go with the flow’.

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    1. I’m just happy I don’t have to go out much. I saw a total of two people in the whole medical complex. One in the lab and my doctor. Once I got through the mouse maze I wasn’t in the building 15 minutes. Got my $723.67 bill this morning.


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