Boredom Beans

What do I do when I’m really bored, make a pot of beans of course. I’ve read 3 books in the past 5 days and I needed a break. I put a couple cups of Pinto beans in water to soak, and were they thirsty, I went outside to get some vitamin D came back an hour later and had to add more water.

I actually have fresh onions meaning no sprouts, and garlic. It was harder to peel the garlic with my shaking hands than chop the garlic and onion. I am not real patient, I rinsed the beans and threw onions and garlic plus fresh water a dash or two of sea salt into a crock pot. Then back to the couch and started another book.

I sort of forgot about the beans until I was in bed, damn. I went to the kitchen and turned the crock pot off, they had been cooking for eight hours. They were perfect, probably the best batch I’ve ever made. I left them alone, no stirring therefore no smashed beans.


I’m looking forward to lunch to have a bean and cheese burrito with salsa. I’ll let you know how delicious it was. Catch ya later

13 thoughts on “Boredom Beans

  1. I always soak beans overnight in cold water, drain, add fresh water and then cook them. Would not have thought to cook them in a crockpot, but will give it a try soon. I love pinto beans, I grew up eating pinto beans. The only bean to put in chili with beans, not kidney beans like so many recipes I’ve seen. Eww. LOL

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    1. My friend from Mexico told how to make them, after many failed attempts. Must soak, easy on the salt..


      1. Not really, but I’ll write down how I do it and send it to you in a link later today. It’s easy to make in a slow cooker, too, which is how I often do it.

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  2. Hubby tried beans in the Insta pot and they were really good, but I’m old fashioned and prefer the soak method. Same result though–delish!! Guess it’s all that matters lol

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