Is Winter Knocking on The Door?

Wasn’t it spring just yesterday! This is what greeted our valley this morning. I shouldn’t complain; for many years the first snow came on the first Tuesday of November, the day I had the annual meeting of our Water Users Association. I couldn’t leave for my place in California until the election of board members was completed and the price of water to the shareholders was set for the upcoming irrigation season.

With that done, I could head South way before dawn on the following morning. I was always pre loaded, only needing to put the two puppies and the laptop on board. 1107 miles or 18 hours later the dogs and I would be in Yucca Valley; very happy to be out of the vehicle. About the end of April it was time to come home to Montana. Sure miss those days. Hey, go be someone’s hero. Catch ya later. Crippled Cowgirl

3 thoughts on “Is Winter Knocking on The Door?

    1. I had a little winter home in Yucca Valley. Sold it after 5 years, had enough. Philipsburg is my home base.


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