Moldy cheese, stale bread and old eggs; a recipe for a miserable digestive day. Not much I can do about it. Did I mention the old eggs being under cooked.

Another boring day on the couch in store for me. We don’t have snow yet even though it’s tried a couple of times.

I was wrong, the eggs are over done. It’s always either under or over. The cook has a little timing problem too. How about starting the toaster when you put the eggs on the stove. Cold eggs on stale cold toast.

Gastric issues ramping up already, my loud stomach growling tells all. I’m about to tip over asleep. Nap o’clock. Catch you later, go be someone’s hero.

The Crippled Cowgirl

One thought on “Breakfast

  1. OK. I went and was a hero to my squirrels, who are miffed that I was negligent and didn’t serve them any breakfast this morning. I made up for it with a few shelled pecans — but they’d better not want them every day. Those are for Sunday brunch.

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