Reading Day

Took a nap earlier, now I’m going to read. Actually re-read a book I read in the fall of 1980, The Clan of the Cave Bear. I had just moved to Wilmar, Minnesota from Shelby, Montana. Knowing absolutely no one in the land of many lakes I resorted to reading to bide the time, Cave Bear was hot off the press at the time. I don’t remember much about it, after reading about 20 pages it is starting to come back. Not only from the book, also memories from my short time in Minnesota. I must document that time in my life. Just not today.

This Weeks Read

A beautiful day here, 55 degrees. Many years the ski area opened on Thanksgiving, many were nice like today. We’d have our last horse back ride of the year, then pull their shoes.

Best scare something up for dinner. Who’s hero were you today?

One thought on “Reading Day

  1. Now, that stirred memories. We used to go fishing in Leech Lake when I was a kid, and we’d stop to visit some fringe relatives in Wilmar coming or going. I’d love to go back to Minnesota, and Iowa, for that matter, but I doubt it’s going to happen. No matter; the memories are sweet.

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