Covid ; Vax #3

A touch of winter

The sisters took me to Costco for my influenza vaccination on Thursday. They decided since I was there I should get my Covid-19 booster. Normally the booster is a half dose, the tech thought with having MS a full dose was in order. I was horribly sick for three days. I seriously wanted to die. The first 2 doses made me a little sick but nothing like the latest. No more boosters, I don’t care what the “Expert” bureaucrats push on me.

My StarLink equipment was delivered today. I’m pretty excited about it. I just need someone to set it up for me. Stay tuned for the review, soon I hope. The wind was blowing here all day maybe it’s bringing winter which is late but desperately needed.

Company driving from Folsom, CA. is due in a couple hours, not from the prison either, best make sure his room is ready, he might run into sketchy roads.

I hooked up my Starlink satellite today. I’m getting lightning fast internet. Love it and it was so easy to setup. I’ll take a picture when I get it repositioned on the eaves. It’s going to save me money and frustration caused by my unbearably slow land line.

I better get ready for dinner company. I’ve got to quit eating the deviled eggs or there won’t be any at dinner. Don’t forget to be a hero. Cowpatty will catch you later.

5 thoughts on “Covid ; Vax #3

  1. Which of the vaccines did you get? I had my worst reaction with my second Moderna, and not much more than a sore arm with the booster. I have no evidence for this at all, but I wonder if getting the flu and covid vaccines at the same time made things worse for you. My doctor said not to do it, and at the pharmacy where I get my vaccinations, the pharmacist said they’d been advised not to offer both at the same time. Interesting. There probably isn’t one answer for everyone.

    A friend who lives in the Oregon woods just got Starlink, and absolutely loves it. He’s had it for about three months at this point with no problems at all.

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  2. I read info on getting both shots at the same time, after the fact, and they said don’t do it. You would have thought the pharmacist would have known.


  3. Just got my booster today. I have not had any problems with any of the shots. I did, however, get very, very ill in December of 2019, which may have been covid but we had not known about it then. I was ill for the better part of December, could barely breath or do anything but hobble to the bathroom. Once I got better, I was very weak for three months, I still have breathing issues and a lot of weakness, so I just want to say that three miserable days to protect your self from a possible lifetime of after effects of covid is a very small trade-off n my opinion. Take care of yourself. You are worth it.


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