Mono, I just knew it.

The only time I was extremely ill was when I was 14, less than a month from 15, it was in August. It started with a sore throat, my mom had me gargle salt water. Ranch doctoring. It just got worse until my throat was a solid mass of tonsils. I couldn’t swallow. I was wasting away to nothing before mom reluctantly took me to the doctor. You guessed it a serious case of Mononucleosis. Back then they called it kissing disease, did l ever get teased. I guarantee that’s not how I contracted it. After I was diagnosed with MS at 30 I always thought the Mono might have something to do with the MS. Well here it’s 34 years later and I read an article about a connection. I’m in a wheelchair now, I exercise and try and keep some muscles usable for just this break through. Maybe I’ll see some advanced meds, maybe I can get on a horse again.

5 thoughts on “Mono, I just knew it.

  1. What an interesting connection – and how wonderful it would be if there is finally a breakthrough of some sort. It would be great (actually more than great) for you to be able to ‘horse around’ again.

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  2. I am sad that I can no longer jump on the horse and go, but I am very grateful that we have a therapy center within 10 miles of my house specifically for disabled riders… it costs, but they have a lift that will put you directly on the horse. again not the same, but something…do they have anything like that around you?

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