Mono, I just knew it.

The only time I was extremely ill was when I was 14, less than a month from 15, it was in August. It started with a sore throat, my mom had me gargle salt water. Ranch doctoring. It just got worse until my throat was a solid mass of tonsils. I couldn’t swallow. I was wasting away to nothing before mom reluctantly took me to the doctor. You guessed it a serious case of Mononucleosis. Back then they called it kissing disease, did l ever get teased. I guarantee that’s not how I contracted it. After I was diagnosed with MS at 30 I always thought the Mono might have something to do with the MS. Well here it’s 34 years later and I read an article about a connection. I’m in a wheelchair now, I exercise and try and keep some muscles usable for just this break through. Maybe I’ll see some advanced meds, maybe I can get on a horse again.

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  1. What an interesting connection – and how wonderful it would be if there is finally a breakthrough of some sort. It would be great (actually more than great) for you to be able to ‘horse around’ again.

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  2. I am sad that I can no longer jump on the horse and go, but I am very grateful that we have a therapy center within 10 miles of my house specifically for disabled riders… it costs, but they have a lift that will put you directly on the horse. again not the same, but something…do they have anything like that around you?

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  3. Here are a few things to investigate for better health.

    1) Hypothyroidism type 2 (HT2). Book of that title by Dr. Mark Starr. A used copy on Amazon is ~$5 and delivery is free if you have Amazon Prime. HT1 is where your thyroid is in failure and produces little or no hormone which is easily detected by a blood test. HT2 is where your hormone levels test “in the normal range” but you need more. The thyroid gland is the master gland. When it doesn’t work all kinds of things can go wrong, including a weakened immune system. Diagnosis is easy: take your basal/resting temperature first thing in the morning. Treatment is simple: supplement with iodine (3 drops/day topically) and raw thyroid (150-300mg/day). I get both lugol’s iodine and thyroid (ultra enterprises raw thyroid) from VitaCost. Iodine is ~$15 for a two ounce bottle which lasts several months. Thyroid is ~$25 and lasts me 60 days (1/2 pill (100mg) 3 times/day). No prescription needed. Dr. Starr recommends the real thyroid and not the synthetic. In his book he explains how he had patients on the synthetic that tested okay but still had symptoms.

    Indicators of HT2: always cold (that’s me) or really hot (my ex-wife). Persistent fatigue. Non-restorative sleep. Post exertion malaise. Brain fog.

    2) You might have intestinal parasites (IPs). Gruesome to consider but it happens. Very hard to get a diagnosis from the doctors and extremely difficult to treat. Easiest way to diagnosis is: ground Mimosa Pudica seed (MPS). MPS is the seed from the Mimosa Pudica plant (obviously). When ground and mixed with water it forms a sticky goo that sticks to and kills IPs. You can easily diagnose because after taking the MPS because you will see the dead ones in your stool. Microbe Formulas sells 120 capsules for $45. They have a demo video on YT. I recommend you try one bottle and see what happens. Take 2 (or 4 if you feel brave) capsules on an empty stomach with ~1/2 cup of water and wait about 30 minutes. If you don’t have IPs then you should feel absolutely nothing. It will pass through without any problems. If you do have IPs then your symptoms will probably flare up and you might temporarily have new symptoms (gas, mega gas, bloating, mega bloating, cramping, feeling blocked up, nausea, back pain, brain fog, fatigue, etc). If you get any flare ups or symptoms that’s from the toxins released from the dying worms (AKA die-off, herxheimer reaction, herx). You can verify the results by checking your stool. You will see dead worms 12-48 hours later. But die-off symptoms are the big tell. If you have IPs then you’ll need to keep taking the MPS. I’d also recommend supplementing the MPS with chelated (key-late-ed) copper (one 2mg copper pill with 4 MPS capsules as many times a day as you can handle it) and methylene blue (see book by Mark Sloan). There is no such thing as one parasite. They reproduce asexually and most species produce hundreds if not thousands of eggs every day. The eggs are practically indestructible. So you have to keep fighting them until all the adults are dead and all the eggs have hatched (~90 days after last adult passed).

    I’ll monitor this post for a few days and if you have any questions you can post/reply or email me.

    I’m not a doctor/medical practitioner.

    I have no affiliation with any of the products or websites I referenced.


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