Out of the house

I finally was taken out in the Polaris Ranger. We went to the ghost town of Granite. The weather was finally nice.

Discovery Ski Area
Flint Creek Valley

I hope to go to the Ranch high pasture today. I’ve got the fever now.

7 thoughts on “Out of the house

  1. Just seeing your photos gives me the fever, too. The space! The horizon! The — snow? Oh, my. Down here on the Texas coast, even the sight of snow in a photo has a cooling effect!

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    1. Yesterday two friends and I went for an amazing ride into the mountains. It was raining then snowing the higher we drove. Unfortunately the fog blocked the views, overall it was a beautiful outing


  2. Good Morning!

    I got a notification you liked my comment on a post on extexanwannabe’s blog. First time I’ve ever seen that happen. Made me a bit curious….

    I looked at your blog a bit and where Philipsburg is. I went to Montana the first time in 2000. I was covering for another radio guy, and I did some work in Missoula, Helena and Whitefish. I really had a good time. My kind of people there. Hard workers and down to earth. Well, except for the folks moving in from the left coast…… 😉

    The pictures you have up are exactly what I remember seeing over there. Good memories. I went back to help out over the years, and even had MT as a primary responsibility for 18 months. Those were halcyon days to be sure.

    Take care and thanks for the “like”. I hope things are going well for you.

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    1. Come back anytime to our so far still awesome state, wish we could keep the coasters out with huge pocket books


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