Looks like Winter

Winter has arrived

A little early this year, its been snowing all day. I am not ready for this. Fortunately the wood rack is full and the stove has been burning since last evening. I was actually on line last night looking at condos and townhomes in Saint George, Utah. I need handicap accessible, not many fit that order. Surprising since Saint George is a popular retirement area.

It’s just a pipe dream. Be someone’s hero.

5 thoughts on “Looks like Winter

    1. Everywhere’s got problems, I should have kept my little winter place in Southern CA, not really.


  1. At this point, we’d probably take any precipitation as snow — if we had to. On the other hand, despite its moisture content, it does come with cold. That’s a downside!

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  2. Hopefully you’ve had some crisp, sunny and more autumn-like weather in Flint Creek Valley, since you first shared this. The crest of the Cascades has had a good foot of snow, the past couple of weeks, the antidote we needed after some troublesome wildfires. And our coldest temperatures of fall so far, have arrived after exceedingly warm and dry October for Puget Sound country.

    But I digress…..that sure is a beautiful valley you live in!


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