Cold like the Old Days

Well it’s -29 this morning, brings back lots of memories from my past years of feeding the cattle in this cold weather. Couldn’t feed the 1800 pound round bales, hydraulics don’t cooperate at that temperature. That’s if the tractor even starts. Plan B, load the 3/4 ton diesel flat bed with small squares and hand feed. Not pleasant when you’re feeding 400 head.

3 thoughts on “Cold like the Old Days

      1. That does make a difference. Down here, 40 degrees can felt perfectly nice, but when a strong east wind starts blowing across the water, ‘unpleasant’ is right around the corner. Down here on the coast, most of us try to grin and bear it — it’s cheaper than buying the kind of clothes that make working in real cold possible, especially since we need such things for only a week or two during the year (or maybe three).

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