April Fools Day + 35

Missoula, MT, 1987 I remember it was a nice spring day, late afternoon appointment. Dr Ethan B. Russo gave me the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, what ever the hell that was, he handed me a brochure and sent me on my way. I went to a nearby restaurant, grabbed some fast food, a table and started thumbing through my brochure “Everything you need to know about MS”. First section, a guide on the proper way to measure for a wheelchair! WTF, now I’m concerned. So off to find a bookstore and a medical dictionary, I really didn’t know what MS was. Oh God!

I stayed alone in my sisters house that night. I called my mom to tell her the diagnosis, her remark was “How did you catch that”.

Well I’ve been fighting “That” for 35 years now. It’s harder every day, but I’d like to think MS met its match, me. We’ll see.

Go be someone’s hero, there’s still time. Till next time, Crippled Cowgirl

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