Social Mind Rot

How do you use social media?

I don’t use Social Media and it drives me nuts that people do. Does anyone have conversations anymore, rarely. I’ve witnessed parents and children totally ignoring their friends and family while being absorbed by their “devices”. Missing out on so many opportunities. Aarg!

11 thoughts on “Social Mind Rot

  1. If blogs are social media, I’m all in. But when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and other such, I’m an enthusiastic non-participant. Well, except for Twitter. I follow about a dozen Texas historians and meteorologists there. Twitter is a great place to get fast-breaking weather information from the various agencies, but I don’t post.

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  2. My only social media vice is WordPress. I have no time for Facebook, Insta, Tik Tok, What’s App, Twitter, etc. I opened a Facebook account once so I could sell a few things on Market Place and it was hacked in one day. Same story on What’s app. Before I knew it my profile photo was replaced with a woman’s face from India. I do not care or follow the latest trends. Duh, I am nearly 70. I also do not adore celebs as if they are Gods. I like to use the phone for phoning, Skype or Zoom for long distance face to face and in person visits at closer range. As to AI creativity, not interested. Some say my brain is already AI and that is not always a compliment. Cheers Patty. Allan


  3. The only one I use and don’t see myself giving up anytime soon is facebook. I use messenger more than anything (including video if its more than a couple minute conversation) I use my phone for phone calls, a calendar, google and GPS. I do have to agree though, all things in moderation. In real life, I remove myself from anyone that is more interested in their devices than spending time with me

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  4. I only use FB a few times a month now. I agree that we are too attuned to the web and not the world around it. So I will keep with my WP replies since they always focus on Montana places and history

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  5. I do Tumblr. I really like it. I am on Instagram, but only to follow, not post. And I am never myself on any social media. I dumped Facebook a couple of years ago, and Twitter when Musk proved to be the moron we knew he is.

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  6. I only do WordPress.
    I started blogging with Blogspot, until I discovered that Google owned it…now Google owns WordPress, Yahoo, and YouTube as well…can’t seem to get away from the big G.
    I dabbled in FB for about Oh, 6 weeks 12 years ago. Might as well drive down the main street with my bare ass hanging out the window using FB.
    Nothing says “Look at me!” louder than FB. Some people need that, I suppose.
    I prefer anonymity…

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  7. I’m actually a fan of Social Media. I find it a useful way to keep up with what’s going on in my world, and the world beyond that.

    I’m on Medium as well, it’s my lastest thing to do when I could be writing my Murder Mystery novel instead …

    I writing that non fiction book, those non fiction books actually, because I just though of a possible new one, or working on my next poetry collection/chapbook …

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