Outing Today

The cabin road

Today it rained just under an inch. The streams were running high and fast. The road to the cabin was bare with only a few fallen trees, I insisted on bringing a chainsaw, it got plenty of use. The solar system was the in good working order. It’s amazing how that happens when it is shut down properly. The cabin was in good condition.

First visit 2023
First of many
Still sawing
Post inspection, burgers and beer time

It was great to be out today. It’s been a long winter. Thanks to my friends for insisting I get off the couch today. And for putting up with my wheelchair bound self. My heroes of the day. Bed’o’clock, catch you next time.

Crippled Cowgirl

7 thoughts on “Outing Today

  1. Glad you managed and outing and a good one at that. We are still waiting for rain here. We got 3 drops last night and the forests are still on fire. Happy Sunday. Allan

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  2. I have so many questions I want to ask but at the same time I don’t want to seem pushy. What are your dogs names? Who are the people in the picture? What kind of beer do you drink? After all that I should probably ask your name 😉

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  3. Your pups are gorgeous! I have a Border/Aussie. Smart dogs. I also have a car I’ve trained to use the toilet—literally uses the toilet. I still can’t bend to do a cat box, and they’re way too stinky, so she has her own bathroom. I wish she’d learn how to flush!

    The place you are is breathtakingly beautiful! How do you manage staying sane with so much to take in?

    The photos you’ve included are gorgeous and totally carry the moist air with the scent of wet bark. The crispy sounds of twigs breaking beneath the tires. Most of all, the sincere and happy voices of those you love, so close by, and ready for some tired or conversation over beer!

    YAAAAAS! Cheers!

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