Second Grade and Monkey Bars

Have you ever broken a bone?

Me-being a very shy “child from a ranch” was bullied by the town kids, I played by myself most of the time. I remember it being my turn to cross the monkey bars, up the stairs I went. Apparently I was to slow and a boy came up the stairs as I was getting a grip on the bar when he shoved me and I landed in a pile below the structure. The next thing I remember is going into the elevator at the hospital and the nurse or doctor asked me what kind of licorice I preferred. A mask was placed on me, lights out. Black licorice and a broken elbow. I was 6

2 thoughts on “Second Grade and Monkey Bars

  1. Darn town kids. I was a country kid in Grades 1-4 and 9-12. Couple that with moving all the time and I was always the new kid in the class. I got hit in the head by a girl on a swing when I was in Grade 2 and remember coming to, out under a tree in the schoolyard. No black licorice or hospital though. Funny how some things stick with us. Happy Monday. Allan

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