Funeral’s Are My Church

Do you practice religion?

I’m not a practicing Catholic these days, it’s only because of my MS and immobility. The only time I attend something resembling a religious ceremony is going to a funeral. I don’t have any trouble getting people to take me to one. Unfortunately that’s my social life. I’m getting quite a collection of programs. I’ve noticed that Catholic’s have their services at 11:00 am. At least I know what time I’ll be sent off.”

Second Grade and Monkey Bars

Have you ever broken a bone?

Me-being a very shy “child from a ranch” was bullied by the town kids, I played by myself most of the time. I remember it being my turn to cross the monkey bars, up the stairs I went. Apparently I was to slow and a boy came up the stairs as I was getting a grip on the bar when he shoved me and I landed in a pile below the structure. The next thing I remember is going into the elevator at the hospital and the nurse or doctor asked me what kind of licorice I preferred. A mask was placed on me, lights out. Black licorice and a broken elbow. I was 6

I’m Freezing

It’s 35 degrees outside, feels like 25 here in the house. I don’t have any kindling to start a fire this morning. Someone will be up in an hour or two and will get some. in the meantime I’ll remain huddled up in my less than adequate throw shivering.

Outing Today

The cabin road

Today it rained just under an inch. The streams were running high and fast. The road to the cabin was bare with only a few fallen trees, I insisted on bringing a chainsaw, it got plenty of use. The solar system was the in good working order. It’s amazing how that happens when it is shut down properly. The cabin was in good condition.

First visit 2023
First of many
Still sawing
Post inspection, burgers and beer time

It was great to be out today. It’s been a long winter. Thanks to my friends for insisting I get off the couch today. And for putting up with my wheelchair bound self. My heroes of the day. Bed’o’clock, catch you next time.

Crippled Cowgirl


The Ranch

Today was warm, warm enough to go outside for a little sunshine. I had not been out for probably 5 or 6 months. I’m dismayed by how much strength I have lost. Almost didn’t have the strength to get all the way around the deck. Being alone I didn’t dare going down the ramp, I don’t think I could have gotten back up. Not knowing how long I was going to be alone it was a risk I was not willing to take.

Before I went outside I was wishing someone would come along and take me for a ride, perhaps on the ranch to see the new calves and do a gopher check. If not already; gopher’s will be popping up any day. The geese are here, hawks are soaring and I saw a robin yesterday. There is always tomorrow, if it’s nice someone might come along.


Till the next time. The Crippled Cowgirl.

Social Mind Rot

How do you use social media?

I don’t use Social Media and it drives me nuts that people do. Does anyone have conversations anymore, rarely. I’ve witnessed parents and children totally ignoring their friends and family while being absorbed by their “devices”. Missing out on so many opportunities. Aarg!