The Coffee is Delivered

The littles delivered the coffee today, it actually smells good and fresh. I probably should have ordered whole beans. Will pour a bag in with my Folgers I just opened. The other bag I’ll give away or freeze.

Four Pounds

$70.00 for four pounds of coffee works out to $17.50 per. It better be damn good coffee, maybe I won’t feel quite as taken. I guess live and learn.

Now go be someone’s hero

One Born Every Minute

Did I just pay $14.00 a pound for 5 pounds of coffee. If it’s as high quality as the $15.00 box of brownie mix, my sisters boyfriend was extorted into buying, that only made one batch, then I’m embarrassed to admit I have earned the title “SUCKER OF THE DAY”

I’m not to happy at myself right now. I think I’ll have a beer, contemplate my stupidity and think of all the better things I could have spent $70.00 on. Stay tuned I’ll be posting updates, beware of 5 and 6 year olds being dispatched to sell junk.

My ticket to walking

My Alinker

Look what Mom and brother Philip delivered this morning. I should have ordered a small, so it will be sent back to exchange.

I’m thinking positive thoughts that this will not only put me on the path to fitness again but will get some muscles back in my legs.

Another Cowboy Rides Away

Another Cowboy rides away

Journey started yesterday

Tho Norman was barely ninety two

Family, neighbors and friends left the gate open, just for you.

As the horizon was swallowing the December sun

Norman was mounted, chasing it down as fast as that ole steed could run.

May your journey be short to the after life

So as to reunite with your beautiful wife.

RIP Norman Bohrnsen 

Good Riddance to 2019

I’m trying to come up with a few highlights, probably Moab Utah and the puppy for my birthday are the two I can think of.

Moab 2019

Kit 2019

2019 may have been the worst of my life. I became a full time wheelchair jockey. I’ve been waiting nearly a year to get some financial relief from SSI disability. I’ve juggled my $7,000.00 income for the year paying doctor bills, most are in collection and paying the minimums to keep my soon to be maxed credit cards open.

I’m hoping for some happy new year in 2020 and ask for the same for all you bloggers out there.

Happy New Year and be someone’s hero everyday.

December 1st Christmas Tree Getting ‘19

6500’ On the Ranch

One year ago we went to get Christmas trees. Today we went for this years trees. 4 humans, 7 dogs; bird dogs, Boxers and 3 Aussies; toy, mini and standard. The dogs are exhausted.

The temperature was in the 30’s so everybody was over dressed. We found a great patch of trees in a 40 year old clear cut that needs thinning. Great time had by all.

Winter has arrived

The Beginning 2019

I’m not ready for this, I pretty much have five or six months of stuck in the house to look forward to. Not that I’m not stuck in the house most of the time already. I’ll survive as long as the wood rack is loaded.

Puppy Kit isn’t sure what to think of the white stuff in the yard, she’s been playing the “Let the dog in let the dog out” game all morning. At three o’clock this morning she brought all of her toys inside from the yard. Dogs seem to know when something is up, even a snow storm.

At least I have a job today even if it’s sitting close enough to the door letting Kit in and out.

Stay warm and I’ll catch you later.