The Birthday Present

Surprise Bday present delivery

Oh my I have a new puppy and all the joy that will ensue. Crate training, potty training, rescue everything that goes into the mouth and general mayhem. Who’s brilliant idea was this anyway? Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and have had great ones, all before life in a wheelchair I might add.

Photo bomber

I’ve named her Kit, I’m pretty sure she’s thinking her name is G.D. Dog, we will get that worked out eventually. Her favorite foods are tiny yard frogs, night crawlers, grasshoppers and what ever flowers are blooming in the pots around the porch. I think she’s a keeper after we get a few bugs worked out. Which brings up today’s project of going to the Veterinarians and picking up some wormer. Oh and ordering a larger kennel, damn these puppies grow fast.

Mud dog on frog patrol

And I thought I had my first real cow dog. Until next time be someone’s hero.

I’m officially a Senior Citizen

Yesterday was my birthday, I’m officially of the age to apply for social security though I’m not eligible for full benefits for another 5 and 1/2 years. Do I apply now, take the 25% discount or struggle and hope my one rental property continues to provide income. I best find someone to give me advice.

I’m also waiting on a ruling for social security disability, something has got to give. I’m living on credit cards now and fast approaching my limits. I think I can sell my 14 year old Durango to my sister. That might cover the deliquent property taxes on the rental house. If I loose that property I will be in dire strait’s. I’m finacially and emotionally stuck.

It’s no wonder the suicide rates are high. The waiting, uncertainty and struggle dealing with MS takes its toll on the psychic. I’m going to call the Social Security now and wait on hold until I get disconnected “Again”.

Thirty nine minutes before disconnect this afternoon. I didn’t try again. I decided to go online looking for answers. Ditto my previous suicide statement.

Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding, toast the awesome Mr. and Mrs., and have a great time just my puppy, wheelchair and crippled old me.

Go be someone’s hero.

Haying McDonald Bench 2019

There’s a bumper crop this year. Unfortunately the weather has been very uncooperative.

Fresh Cut on the McDonald Bench

Putting up hay has changed a lot in my lifetime. I remember the sicle bar mowers, side delivery rakes, dump rakes, buck rakes and farmhands. We put the hay up loose, had a crew of 4 or 5 extra hired men, plus three or four of us McDonald kids doing the jobs none of the paid guys wanted to. The crews were mainly high school boys from Anaconda, they usually had to leave before we were finished, football practice, leaving the permanent hired man and the family to finish.

Have Things Changed in 60 years

Living the good life in retirement.

Mowing the lawn.

So being in a wheelchair, pretty much sucks, fortunately I can run the zero turn riding lawn mower and not be 100% worthless. Of course I need help to get up into the seat, but then I’m good to go. I need help to get off too and must time mowing so someone will be there to help.

Yesterday was mow day, we’re not talking small yard by any means, and it’s anything but a nice shape for easy turns and long straight stretches. A couple of side hills thrown into the mix make it even more difficult to stay in the seat.

North East Side

South Side

Back Yard on the East Side

Front Yard on the West Side

It took me two and a half hours to finish in 85 degree heat, I was trash the final half hour. My legs were Gumby Guy like and worthless to keep me sitting upright, I was slouching sideways as I finished. I might have to stretch this out over two days in the future.

Until next time. Be someone’s hero.

The Bumbles and The Honeys

I’m hanging around at a Shop Raising, in my wheelchair, staying out of the way as much as possible. My feet are starting to ache and I need to get out of this chair and put in a little standing time. I spy a four wheeler with the perfect handles to hang on to while I stand and move my legs. Score.

It’s five o’clock and a nice gentlemen brought a cold coors light in a coozie.

Okay getting back on track, as I was hanging off the back end of the four wheeler next to a row of Cotoni Aster bushes I couldn’t help but notice they were swarming with Bumblebees and Honey Bees. They were very busy and paid no attention to me. But darn it they wouldn’t slow down and hover long enough to have their picture taken.