May 30, 31 2020

Impressive, not only do I know the date it’s Saturday. I know this only because I tried to call the courthouse. The janitor answered because a contractor was there sanding the floors.

Couch most of the day. It was pretty warm, 80 warm, I went outside a few times and sat on the deck or played with Kit.

Miss Kit

Did not publish yesterday therefore I will tack on today’s update. Can’t believe May 2020 is in the books. I just did busy work today, other than a load of laundry I guess I didn’t do much. Took a shower this morning and read on my latest book. Oh yeah I wasted a couple hours playing Wordscapes, on the couch of course. Sunny day but the wind was brutal, like 20 to 35 mph. I better quit telling people the wind doesn’t blow here. I didn’t take an Alinker stroll either. I’m blaming that on the wind that never blows here. Okay it’s Corona o’clock I’ll attempt to cut a lime and hopefully not a finger. Wish me luck, be someone’s hero and until next time. Whip and Ride


Tuesday May Something

Wasting away on the couch, again or still. I did manage to water the plants this morning. They all need repotting and I could probably do it, though it would be a struggle. Not a struggle I’m willing to tackle yet.

Amazing Plant
Rescue Ivy
Another Rescue

All my plants are gifts or rescues. Amazing they have survived. At one time or another I failed at growing all of them. I’m thinking the secret is free plants have more desire to live. Perhaps they just thrive on abuse.

It’s time to find something to do off couch, laundry is something I can do. Ho hum. So go be someone’s hero I’ll touch base soon.


Wednesday May 20

Maw nature was not happy last night, she was in one of those moods that all one can do is rant and rave and clean house. We’ve all been there and know what I’m talking; blogging about. Non stop thunderstorms were the rantings with an inch of cleansing rain. The cool soggy morning was divine.

Soggy Morning

Yesterday’s report would have been of me using my walker, not the wheelchair, to get to the garage, folding the walker and getting it into the trunk of the Buick all without falling. I loaded myself and the dog and drove to my sister’s house where I spent the afternoon. It was major for me, not to mention wonderful to get away from the couch for most of the day.

Only at Aunties

Monday? Don’t know the date

Starting the week out on a not so high note. Couldn’t get the fire started and the coffee; well it sucks, for lack of a better word. Quarter inch of rain last night, the perfect way to segway into summer. Just keep it up Ma Nature.

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, SO went to the ranch to lend a hand for branding and I thought mowing the lawn was something I could/should do. I didn’t kill myself getting on the mower, I about killed the mower instead. The smell of a burning belt definitely signals something ain’t right. I immediately quit the lawn mowing; there is no way I can raise the mower deck. I did drive the mower to the barn to retrieve my 4 wheeler and got myself to the ranch to say howdy to the branding crew. After a brief visit I went back home putting the 4 wheeler away, I got back onto the mower, put it away and then back into my wheelchair.

My unfinished mow job.

Okay now it’s 4:17, having accomplished nothing today is…well just another day in my life. Actually I spent a ridiculous amount of time on hold with Medicare and the Social Security Administration. Today I was determined and stuck it out until someone actually answered. I’m going to write a book someday about my 5 plus years of frustration dealing with bureaucrats.

Enough, I’m gonna find a Corona add a slice of lime and channel surf to find something non political to watch until dinner. I hope you were someone’s hero today. Until later


I know more of the people mentioned in the 1962 Philipsburg Mail newspaper than I do in the 2020 paper of late. I was 5 years old in ‘62.
Treasure in an old house
Price Ten Cents, now it’s a buck fifty. Back then they published hospital notes which listed the names of patients admitted and those released. Then there are the grocery prices. In ’62 Philipsburg had two grocery stores, Town Grocery “Lum’s” and Huffman Grocery
Huffman ad
And our clothing store, the Clothes Mart, try to buy a pair of Red Wings for $19.95 today. It has been a fun afternoon, not to mention a journey down memory lane, reading every word of these old papers. I think I will do more.
Clothes Mart ad

Learning to Walk

Who knew I would be learning to walk, again, at 62. That’s exactly what I was doing yesterday. I just couldn’t spend another minute on the couch. The weather was decent, little wind and my Alinker begging for me to get her off the porch and on the road.

My Alinker

I’ve been practicing on the sidewalk a little, getting on and off is challenging, I’m alone so when I do get on setting the seat to the right height is a little frustrating.

I’m ready

Here we go

Don’t knock me over Kit

I made it down to the barn where wood splitting was in progress, yes still burning wood after all it’s only April and I live in Montana. Kit jumped up on me to say hi, good to see you outside with out tipping me over.


The Homestretch

I made it although the gravel on the road after I passed the wood pile was difficult to navigate. It felt really good to get out, learning a little about the bike and my limitations, or learning a lot. No where to go but up.

Time to be someone’s hero everyone. Call a friend.

Environmental Service Workers

Maids, same damn thing and a hell of a lot easier to say. Who comes up with this “feel good crap”, someone in HR with absolutely nothing to do trying to justify their existence.

I’m going to come up with a professional sounding name for mucking out stalls during calving season. Then maybe a raise in pay. Oh wait 0 % of 0 = 0, what was I thinking.

Okay that’s my rant of the day I’m going to try to be someone’s hero and you should do the same. Until I read the newspaper tomorrow, have a great day.

April 1st 1987

Was a Wednesday like today, the weather was better though. I had an appointment with the neurologist, Ethan B. Russo, in Missoula, Montana. The purpose, go over results from my recent battery of tests including the MRI that I went to Spokane, WA to have.

Dr Russo delivered the diagnosis of Mutiple Sclerosis. I wasn’t sure what it was, Dr Russo handed me a stack of pamphlets, the one on top was how to be measured for a wheelchair. Now I was getting concerned, I stopped at a book store in the mall and found a medical dictionary to look up MS, pre Google, oh my god!

I drove the 10 miles to Lolo where I was staying at my sisters. I called my mom to report my diagnosis, her statement was “how did you catch that”, what little air that was left in my already deflated balloon whooshed out.

So began the 32 years since that not so great April fools day. Here I am sitting on the couch next to my wheelchair, underneath a blanket blogging and reading. The latest chapter in my story of life.

Breezy my Buddy

The Huge Cooler

Darn it I can’t seem to find a picture of the casket size cooler that has served as the printer stand for two plus years. Who thought that was a good gift anyway. Today significant other whipped up a proper stand out of wood that has been taking up space in the basement for; you guessed it two plus years.
I had to vacuum the office, it’s amazing how much dust, fly carcasses and Aussie hair can find its way behind a casket sized cooler in you guessed it two plus years.
New stand in its “cleannew space
I over did walking and stair climbing yesterday, I can barely get off the couch today. I also had an awful nightmare last night and apparently didn’t sleep well. Not sure that had any thing to do with my lackluster condition today. My doctor appointment next week was canceled today. It’s apparently not as urgent as my doctor had let on a month ago. Now I’m rambling, go be someone’s hero. Whip and ride cow people.
My Alinker Walking Bike

Stupid Loss

Six of the Eight, that’s me in the red checkers.

Talked to a neighbor this morning, she told me about a cow that lost the second half of a set of twins this morning. She thought it was the after birth coming, she left and returned to a dead calf. Now any rancher, I would think, could easily tell the difference. The more I think about it her 35 year old, living and mooching off mommy son, was most likely the one who didn’t know the difference. Probably had to hurry home and get back to gaming, whatever the hell that is.

I guess I could complain about being confined to the house, unfortunately with MS and a wheelchair for transport that is the story of my life. No reason to complain.

Checked your IRA lately, don’t! I had to look at mine for Medicaid purposes, boy do I qualify now and I sure hope they pay for Prozac.

Snow is going off, slowly, come on spring. I could use some vitamin D, would save on the Prozac. Noon o’clock, best get online and balance my checkbook. It’s like this, $30 minus $19 for the stupid fees gives a whopping $11 to keep me out of overdraft zone until money comes in on the 7th from my rental, I hope.

Hey be someone’s hero today. Call a friend.