April 1st 1987

Was a Wednesday like today, the weather was better though. I had an appointment with the neurologist, Ethan B. Russo, in Missoula, Montana. The purpose, go over results from my recent battery of tests including the MRI that I went to Spokane, WA to have.

Dr Russo delivered the diagnosis of Mutiple Sclerosis. I wasn’t sure what it was, Dr Russo handed me a stack of pamphlets, the one on top was how to be measured for a wheelchair. Now I was getting concerned, I stopped at a book store in the mall and found a medical dictionary to look up MS, pre Google, oh my god!

I drove the 10 miles to Lolo where I was staying at my sisters. I called my mom to report my diagnosis, her statement was “how did you catch that”, what little air that was left in my already deflated balloon whooshed out.

So began the 32 years since that not so great April fools day. Here I am sitting on the couch next to my wheelchair, underneath a blanket blogging and reading. The latest chapter in my story of life.

Breezy my Buddy

The Huge Cooler

Darn it I can’t seem to find a picture of the casket size cooler that has served as the printer stand for two plus years. Who thought that was a good gift anyway. Today significant other whipped up a proper stand out of wood that has been taking up space in the basement for; you guessed it two plus years.
I had to vacuum the office, it’s amazing how much dust, fly carcasses and Aussie hair can find its way behind a casket sized cooler in you guessed it two plus years.
New stand in its “cleannew space
I over did walking and stair climbing yesterday, I can barely get off the couch today. I also had an awful nightmare last night and apparently didn’t sleep well. Not sure that had any thing to do with my lackluster condition today. My doctor appointment next week was canceled today. It’s apparently not as urgent as my doctor had let on a month ago. Now I’m rambling, go be someone’s hero. Whip and ride cow people.
My Alinker Walking Bike

Stupid Loss

Six of the Eight, that’s me in the red checkers.

Talked to a neighbor this morning, she told me about a cow that lost the second half of a set of twins this morning. She thought it was the after birth coming, she left and returned to a dead calf. Now any rancher, I would think, could easily tell the difference. The more I think about it her 35 year old, living and mooching off mommy son, was most likely the one who didn’t know the difference. Probably had to hurry home and get back to gaming, whatever the hell that is.

I guess I could complain about being confined to the house, unfortunately with MS and a wheelchair for transport that is the story of my life. No reason to complain.

Checked your IRA lately, don’t! I had to look at mine for Medicaid purposes, boy do I qualify now and I sure hope they pay for Prozac.

Snow is going off, slowly, come on spring. I could use some vitamin D, would save on the Prozac. Noon o’clock, best get online and balance my checkbook. It’s like this, $30 minus $19 for the stupid fees gives a whopping $11 to keep me out of overdraft zone until money comes in on the 7th from my rental, I hope.

Hey be someone’s hero today. Call a friend.

The Coffee is Delivered

The littles delivered the coffee today, it actually smells good and fresh. I probably should have ordered whole beans. Will pour a bag in with my Folgers I just opened. The other bag I’ll give away or freeze.

Four Pounds

$70.00 for four pounds of coffee works out to $17.50 per. It better be damn good coffee, maybe I won’t feel quite as taken. I guess live and learn.

Now go be someone’s hero

One Born Every Minute

Did I just pay $14.00 a pound for 5 pounds of coffee. If it’s as high quality as the $15.00 box of brownie mix, my sisters boyfriend was extorted into buying, that only made one batch, then I’m embarrassed to admit I have earned the title “SUCKER OF THE DAY”

I’m not to happy at myself right now. I think I’ll have a beer, contemplate my stupidity and think of all the better things I could have spent $70.00 on. Stay tuned I’ll be posting updates, beware of 5 and 6 year olds being dispatched to sell junk.

My ticket to walking

My Alinker

Look what Mom and brother Philip delivered this morning. I should have ordered a small, so it will be sent back to exchange.

I’m thinking positive thoughts that this will not only put me on the path to fitness again but will get some muscles back in my legs.

Another Cowboy Rides Away

Another Cowboy rides away

Journey started yesterday

Tho Norman was barely ninety two

Family, neighbors and friends left heavens gate open, just for you.

As the horizon was swallowing the December sun

Norman was mounted, chasing it down as fast as that ole steed could run.

May your journey be short to the after life

So as to reunite with your beautiful wife.

RIP Norman Bohrnsen