Another Cowboy Rides Away

Another Cowboy rides away

Journey started yesterday

Tho Norman was barely ninety two

Family, neighbors and friends left heavens gate open, just for you.

As the horizon was swallowing the December sun

Norman was mounted, chasing it down as fast as that ole steed could run.

May your journey be short to the after life

So as to reunite with your beautiful wife.

RIP Norman Bohrnsen 

Good Riddance to 2019

I’m trying to come up with a few highlights, probably Moab Utah and the puppy for my birthday are the two I can think of.

Moab 2019

Kit 2019

2019 may have been the worst of my life. I became a full time wheelchair jockey. I’ve been waiting nearly a year to get some financial relief from SSI disability. I’ve juggled my $7,000.00 income for the year paying doctor bills, most are in collection and paying the minimums to keep my soon to be maxed credit cards open.

I’m hoping for some happy new year in 2020 and ask for the same for all you bloggers out there.

Happy New Year and be someone’s hero everyday.

December 1st Christmas Tree Getting ‘19

6500’ On the Ranch

One year ago we went to get Christmas trees. Today we went for this years trees. 4 humans, 7 dogs; bird dogs, Boxers and 3 Aussies; toy, mini and standard. The dogs are exhausted.

The temperature was in the 30’s so everybody was over dressed. We found a great patch of trees in a 40 year old clear cut that needs thinning. Great time had by all.

Winter has arrived

The Beginning 2019

I’m not ready for this, I pretty much have five or six months of stuck in the house to look forward to. Not that I’m not stuck in the house most of the time already. I’ll survive as long as the wood rack is loaded.

Puppy Kit isn’t sure what to think of the white stuff in the yard, she’s been playing the “Let the dog in let the dog out” game all morning. At three o’clock this morning she brought all of her toys inside from the yard. Dogs seem to know when something is up, even a snow storm.

At least I have a job today even if it’s sitting close enough to the door letting Kit in and out.

Stay warm and I’ll catch you later.

Bye Bye Bag

Well Traveled

This morning as I was unpacking from my trip to Moab I felt my trusty day pack was due a clean out. I bought the bag in 2001 for a trip to Russia. In 18 years it has been on many a trip as the vessel to carry water, rain gear, rope, snacks, cameras and so much more. It was my constant companion on cattle drives, Four Wheeling, and every road trip in the past 18 years. As I unzipped one of the compartments the zipper fell off it’s track, then another one fell off. It’s time to retire this old friend. I only hope to find a replacement that will serve me for as long and as well as ole Jansport has.

Saturday on the Couch

The Ranch over there

In a perfect world I would be horseback gathering cattle to bring home from summer pasture. In a not so perfect world I would be on my four wheeler gathering, pushing cattle into the valley’s from the high spots for the riders to pickup. In the real world I’m couch bound, I cannot get myself to the four wheeler, even if I could everyone is long gone and I can’t get on and off to open the three or four gates.

Back in the day my brother and I would bring the cattle home, all four hundred of them, ourselves, I’d spend a week out with my horse, dog and the whole ranch to myself pushing what pairs I found out on the far reaches of the ranch to the top pasture. That way it’s pretty easy to bring them all home. Cows know when it’s time and the older lead cows pretty much bring the cattle home. Just open the gate.

It’s 2:00 and just as I sit down to watch football I can see the cattle pouring out of the trees, moving quickly down to water and the hay fields.

The cows are home, it’s officially fall. Now the hunting season begins.

I best start getting ready for the trip to Moab. Catch ya later.

Bozeman or Bust

Looks like I’m riding along to Bozeman today, it will be Kits longest car ride so far. This will be good practice as she’s going to Moab, Utah with us next week.

Kit let go of breakfast in the back seat, quick emergency stop at Milligan Canyon Road. I found a poo glove in the console and a napkin for clean up. I’ll give a leather seat endorsement any time.

It’s raining leaves

There’s getting to be little distinction between Manhattan and Bozeman any more, it actually started West of Three Forks. Crazy

Today I’m going to Helena with little sister, shopping for the Moab trip that didn’t happen in Bozeman yesterday. Did I say I prefer WINCO to COSTCO, who needs two gallons of Mrs Butterworths.

I’m outta coffee and puppy needs tended to I’ll catch ya later. Be someone’s hero today.


There’s no way I’m going outside into my very limited world today. Just look at my ramp. I doubt my chair brakes would stop the slide down, zero traction tires will make returning impossible. I am picturing myself freezing to death 10 feet from the door because I did something really dumb. Not today. I’ll just stick to the couch.

Snowy Icy Ramp

I like to punish myself and checked on my six month old disability claims’ progress. Nothing happening of course. I get so frustrated, depressed, mad, pick your word, when I see the people who are gaming the system around the area. Just heard of another one. You would think a person with advancing MS in a wheelchair would be a no brainier. Rant over, I need to stoke the fire. Amazing what I manage from Winny the wheel chair.

Wood rack & Stove

Okay I’ll get back to the couch and leave everyone alone. Don’t forget to be someone’s hero and I’ll catch ya later.

24 Hours Later

Winter has arrived

Really it’s October 9th. My niece was born on this day 31 years ago, on a beautiful, warm, fall day I might add.

The Stats

I’m sure my ramp is icy, I don’t think I wanna venture out today. Venturing out consists of wheel chairing down the ramp, spending a little time on the sidewalk and concrete garage pad then back to the couch. I can’t maneuver the gravel roads in my wheelchair. Maybe I’ll do another blog this afternoon. Until later, stay warm.


Waiting for the Storm

So far today I’ve listened to the History channel, put a load of laundry in the washer, scanned and emailed a document, ate three big stuffed olives for lunch, tipped over on the couch and fell asleep and have gone to the potty about six times, so far.

At least I have a good couch

Now I’m going to put the clothes in the dryer, check the weather radars, again, then wait for Corona o’clock. And hopefully the storm will arrive. Puppy wants in, zero patience there. Best get busy, catch ya later.