There’s no way I’m going outside into my very limited world today. Just look at my ramp. I doubt my chair brakes would stop the slide down, zero traction tires will make returning impossible. I am picturing myself freezing to death 10 feet from the door because I did something really dumb. Not today. I’ll just stick to the couch.

Snowy Icy Ramp

I like to punish myself and checked on my six month old disability claims’ progress. Nothing happening of course. I get so frustrated, depressed, mad, pick your word, when I see the people who are gaming the system around the area. Just heard of another one. You would think a person with advancing MS in a wheelchair would be a no brainier. Rant over, I need to stoke the fire. Amazing what I manage from Winny the wheel chair.

Wood rack & Stove

Okay I’ll get back to the couch and leave everyone alone. Don’t forget to be someone’s hero and I’ll catch ya later.

24 Hours Later

Winter has arrived

Really it’s October 9th. My niece was born on this day 31 years ago, on a beautiful, warm, fall day I might add.

The Stats

I’m sure my ramp is icy, I don’t think I wanna venture out today. Venturing out consists of wheel chairing down the ramp, spending a little time on the sidewalk and concrete garage pad then back to the couch. I can’t maneuver the gravel roads in my wheelchair. Maybe I’ll do another blog this afternoon. Until later, stay warm.


Waiting for the Storm

So far today I’ve listened to the History channel, put a load of laundry in the washer, scanned and emailed a document, ate three big stuffed olives for lunch, tipped over on the couch and fell asleep and have gone to the potty about six times, so far.

At least I have a good couch

Now I’m going to put the clothes in the dryer, check the weather radars, again, then wait for Corona o’clock. And hopefully the storm will arrive. Puppy wants in, zero patience there. Best get busy, catch ya later.

Monday Again

Well I’ve been sitting on the couch, as I do every day, all day anymore. Damn MS anyway. The guilts did inspire me to put stew meat in the crockpot. The only thing I found in the fridge to add was an onion that was getting to the slimy stage. Peeled off the top three layers cut it into quarters, put it in the pot. It’s been so long since I made stew I’m not sure if onion even belongs. If I wheelchair my way to the garage I might find a tater or two. For the life of me I don’t know why the spuds can’t be in the house. If only I had some carrots and celery. This might be the most boring stew ever. I went to the garage and found a bag of little russets to use. Things are looking up.

Tater Run

Looks like the hanging flower baskets could be taken down. They are looking bad. Just received a winter storm warning for tomorrow and Wednesday. Today may be the last semi decent day. Arg.

Pretty Berries

Back in the house; I should have grabbed a not very cold Corona in the garage. I could have put it in the freezer so it would be nice and cold at “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. Catch ya later.

The Birthday Present

Surprise Bday present delivery

Oh my I have a new puppy and all the joy that will ensue. Crate training, potty training, rescue everything that goes into the mouth and general mayhem. Who’s brilliant idea was this anyway? Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and have had great ones, all before life in a wheelchair I might add.

Photo bomber

I’ve named her Kit, I’m pretty sure she’s thinking her name is G.D. Dog, we will get that worked out eventually. Her favorite foods are tiny yard frogs, night crawlers, grasshoppers and what ever flowers are blooming in the pots around the porch. I think she’s a keeper after we get a few bugs worked out. Which brings up today’s project of going to the Veterinarians and picking up some wormer. Oh and ordering a larger kennel, damn these puppies grow fast.

Mud dog on frog patrol

And I thought I had my first real cow dog. Until next time be someone’s hero.

I’m officially a Senior Citizen

Yesterday was my birthday, I’m officially of the age to apply for social security though I’m not eligible for full benefits for another 5 and 1/2 years. Do I apply now, take the 25% discount or struggle and hope my one rental property continues to provide income. I best find someone to give me advice.

I’m also waiting on a ruling for social security disability, something has got to give. I’m living on credit cards now and fast approaching my limits. I think I can sell my 14 year old Durango to my sister. That might cover the deliquent property taxes on the rental house. If I loose that property I will be in dire strait’s. I’m finacially and emotionally stuck.

It’s no wonder the suicide rates are high. The waiting, uncertainty and struggle dealing with MS takes its toll on the psychic. I’m going to call the Social Security now and wait on hold until I get disconnected “Again”.

Thirty nine minutes before disconnect this afternoon. I didn’t try again. I decided to go online looking for answers. Ditto my previous suicide statement.

Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding, toast the awesome Mr. and Mrs., and have a great time just my puppy, wheelchair and crippled old me.

Go be someone’s hero.