Pistachios and Corona

Christmas Eve Dinner

Here is how my Christmas Eve is panning out so far. Plan A was to be in Bozeman by now, now being 6 pm, I took a shower, washed clothes so I had clean pjs for the trip. Packed a toothbrush, hair brush and some deodorant for the mini trip. Zip lock bag of Dolly Shih Tzu food. I’m ready.

Trip postponed until tomorrow. Bad roads and it just got to late. Us old folks don’t like driving in the dark anymore; add iced roads it’s just not happening.

Then there were the smoke alarms demonstrating how well they can emit a loud obnoxious noise for 45 minutes. An attempt to build a fire gone very wrong.

Now I’m having pistachios and a Corona beer for dinner.

Merry Christmas everyone.

One thought on “Pistachios and Corona

  1. Well, ok. The smoke alarm isn’t so cool (although it’s good it works). But pistachios and Corona? Not bad. Personally, I got into the salt-and-lime tortilla chips and a nice Texas tempranillo, and I don’t even have ice to contend with. Cheers! and Merry Christmas.

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