Wind, Horses and A Small Lesson.

Mice smorgasbord

Rescued from Oregon

We have two pasture ponies this year. Beautiful sorrels that were practically given to the owners, if they just drove to Oregon, retrieved them and gave them a good home here in Montana.

Why didn’t that ever happen to me, a rancher always in need of a horse on my family ranch salary of volunteer, with the benefit package of supply your own. Your own horse, vehicle, time, fuel and anything else you needed. Just remember you get the privilege of being home on the ranch, working like a man every day and doing the crappy jobs no one else would do in your spare time. Seldom if ever a thanks from the disfunctional family of the century. Did I mention not one ounce of appreciation to boot.

Well I’ll get off that pony, for now anyway.

12 days until Christmas, again, already.

Hope everyone out there in Blogdom has a nice holiday. Remember someone with less, an invite to dinner might be that little gesture of kindness that will make someone’s Christmas just a tiny bit better.

Have you’ve been someone’s hero today?

2 thoughts on “Wind, Horses and A Small Lesson.

  1. We’ve got wind galore coming from the west this morning: 30 mph steady, with higher gusts. It’s enough to keep fishermen and recreational boaters in port, and it may keep this varnisher inside, too — at least for a while.

    I can’t believe it’s only twelve days to Christmas. I’d best get myself to the post office today.

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  2. enjoyed your post and i LOVE the fact that you encouraged others to reach out………thank YOU for promoting kindness and love.
    may your Christmas be blessed…..


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