Cattle Drive 2019

It wasn’t snowing this morning but it was a little iffy.

Out of the corrals over the bridge and we’re headed for the hills.

Almost to the top, hardest push is over, a bull laid down and refused to participate, one calf got back in the trees. Those two will get a trailer ride.

Over the top and having a refreshment before the final push.

Destination! Mother up the pairs and let them drift through the last gate. Hope the coffee is still hot I guarantee the beer is cold.

4 thoughts on “Cattle Drive 2019

  1. Every time I bump up against the routines of ranching, I always think, “If reincarnation were real, and we got to chose our next life, ranching would do it.” Of course it’s hard work, and fraught with every sort of difficulty, but still: there are those horses, and that landscape, and that hot coffee and cold beer after the job is done.


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