Tuesday May Something

Wasting away on the couch, again or still. I did manage to water the plants this morning. They all need repotting and I could probably do it, though it would be a struggle. Not a struggle I’m willing to tackle yet.

Amazing Plant
Rescue Ivy
Another Rescue

All my plants are gifts or rescues. Amazing they have survived. At one time or another I failed at growing all of them. I’m thinking the secret is free plants have more desire to live. Perhaps they just thrive on abuse.

It’s time to find something to do off couch, laundry is something I can do. Ho hum. So go be someone’s hero I’ll touch base soon.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday May Something

  1. Now I’m trying to remember whatever happened to my pothos. I don’t think it died, but maybe it did. I do remember that it was a pretty enthusiastic grower when I remembered to water it. Now that I’m without a kitty, maybe I need to get another one.

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  2. I was pretty proud my rosemary made it through the winter with a grow lite. But the Basil not so much. Gotta restart some tomorrow (using that Almanac calendar). Love your plant saving efforts 🙂

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