Horsey Girl Truck

Have you ever gotten into the truck of a horsey girl. Here’s how it goes, “Wait I’ve got to move some stuff before you get in”, everything on the front seat gets heaped into the back seat. Since there’s so much tack, buckets, saddle blankets, coats, boots and god knows what’s already in the back seat, not to mention the “Best cow dog ever”. Point being everything tossed in the back winds up on the floor. Except for “Best cow dog” who has jumped into the front seat. My seat.

Horsey Girl & Best Cowdog

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the interior of the truck, when I do I will update this post. It’s almost time for fall roundup then I will have a lot of subject material. Depending on weather; usually the Horsey Girls have something more pressing come up if it’s too cold, rainy or snowing.

Go be someone’s hero. Until next time. Crippled Cow Girl

3 thoughts on “Horsey Girl Truck

  1. I don’t have a truck, but there’s such a thing as a varnish girl car. It’s a different form, but the same dynamic: brushes, sandpaper, water bottles, orbital sander…

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