Christmas Tree Hunt 2018

Where did the year go? I say that every year, the older I get the faster they seem to pass.

Myself, three friends and three dogs went Christmas tree hunting today. To early for me but I was just along for the ride and to provide access to our ranch. Going today was probably not a bad idea as the snow is piling up and drifting. Soon the only mode of travel may be snowmobile.

ranch cabin1807572885..jpg
Winter has arrived at the cabin.
A Storm is brewing.
storm arrived1978481871..jpg
The storm has arrived.
sunshine and gloom-1761830622..jpg
Sun shining on the valley.
Philipsburg at Dusk.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Hunt 2018

  1. I hardly can believe it’s December. It has come quickly — and so have the weather changes. I hardly can imagine traveling by snowmobile, although I do remember seeing “no snowmobile” traffic signs in Minnesota — about 12 feet about the ground. It took me a while to figure out why the signs were so high. Eventually, I got it — 12 feet of snow is nothing.

    I hope you found a good tree!

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    1. I spent two winters in Wilmar, MN in the late 70’s early 80’s. Lot of snow and ice. Coldest winters in my life. I worked for Cenex in their manager training program.


  2. Beautiful photography! Thank you! Happy holidays!

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