Saturday on the Couch

The Ranch over there

In a perfect world I would be horseback gathering cattle to bring home from summer pasture. In a not so perfect world I would be on my four wheeler gathering, pushing cattle into the valley’s from the high spots for the riders to pickup. In the real world I’m couch bound, I cannot get myself to the four wheeler, even if I could everyone is long gone and I can’t get on and off to open the three or four gates.

Back in the day my brother and I would bring the cattle home, all four hundred of them, ourselves, I’d spend a week out with my horse, dog and the whole ranch to myself pushing what pairs I found out on the far reaches of the ranch to the top pasture. That way it’s pretty easy to bring them all home. Cows know when it’s time and the older lead cows pretty much bring the cattle home. Just open the gate.

It’s 2:00 and just as I sit down to watch football I can see the cattle pouring out of the trees, moving quickly down to water and the hay fields.

The cows are home, it’s officially fall. Now the hunting season begins.

I best start getting ready for the trip to Moab. Catch ya later.

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