Bye Bye Bag

Well Traveled

This morning as I was unpacking from my trip to Moab I felt my trusty day pack was due a clean out. I bought the bag in 2001 for a trip to Russia. In 18 years it has been on many a trip as the vessel to carry water, rain gear, rope, snacks, cameras and so much more. It was my constant companion on cattle drives, Four Wheeling, and every road trip in the past 18 years. As I unzipped one of the compartments the zipper fell off it’s track, then another one fell off. It’s time to retire this old friend. I only hope to find a replacement that will serve me for as long and as well as ole Jansport has.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bag

  1. Lots of luck with that. I can attest to the fact that most things are not made like they used to be. I have purchased exact same items from exact same companies, but made a few years after the original, and the quality was like the difference between a mud pie and a real one. Mud pie may look like pie, but trust me, it is not. Yeah, I know. My analogy chops are in dire need of sharpening.


  2. 18 years is a pretty good run for a back pack. I have one that I have never used. It was supposedly on of the better ones…I forget the brand. It doesn’t have all the zipped compartments; mostly netting compartments on the outside. The inside only has a separator, and small pocket. It does have a hardened piece that prevents items in the pack from jamming into one’s back, and it has a strap that runs around the front with a snap to hold it in place.
    Russia? do tell.


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