I know more of the people mentioned in the 1962 Philipsburg Mail newspaper than I do in the 2020 paper of late. I was 5 years old in ‘62.
Treasure in an old house
Price Ten Cents, now it’s a buck fifty. Back then they published hospital notes which listed the names of patients admitted and those released. Then there are the grocery prices. In ’62 Philipsburg had two grocery stores, Town Grocery “Lum’s” and Huffman Grocery
Huffman ad
And our clothing store, the Clothes Mart, try to buy a pair of Red Wings for $19.95 today. It has been a fun afternoon, not to mention a journey down memory lane, reading every word of these old papers. I think I will do more.
Clothes Mart ad

7 thoughts on “1962

  1. Aren’t they fun? I put reading old newspapers in the same category as reading old recipe books from churches and such. You know: back in the days when Jello with shredded carrots and pineapple was a salad!

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      1. I always enjoyed the notes that accompanied the recipes, too. Things like: “Passed to me by Mrs. Shandy, who favored walnuts instead of pecans, but believe me, pecans are better….”

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  2. It’s fun, and somtimes heart breaking, taking that walk down memory lane. I often get caught up in pining for the days when life was so much more simple and peaceful. Wonderful way to spend some time, regardless.

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