Cattle Drive 2020

Over the Top

Perfect day for a cattle drive, all cow people were ready to go at 6 a.m., not bad considering 14 riders, 5 or 6 motorized alternative horses and the trail boss in the truck riding; uh, driving point.

Trail Boss with Treats

Halfway at the Cow Rest

This was the third year these cattle have been trailed to this summer pasture it gets easier every year, and the biggest bonus was no bulls allowed. They are being trailered up.

I of course can’t ride, or should I say get on a horse, therefore my participation involves Darth my four wheeler and I.

Sister Katie, me, Sister Sady

I’m thinking this was probably my 59th annual, I was 6 the first time I got to ride on my first horse Flicka. Hope to have a few more. Now let’s all go be someone’s hero. Until next time

7 thoughts on “Cattle Drive 2020

  1. What an adventure that would be. Raised on a very small family farm I learned to ride, but one milk cow and the occasional food steer, well, cattle drives weren’t a part of our life. Lol. He-Ah!

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  2. I looked at the big red Loomix tub and thought — that ought to be ‘Moomix’! What a great day. I smiled at your mention of Flicka. My Friend Flicka was one of my favorite books in childhood.

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